Professional and factually correct invoices are your figurehead

Automated billing for the subscription business

Bill your offers automatically with plenigo. Whether in direct sales, periodic billing for subscriptions, pro rata or consumption-based “metered billing”.


Corporate Design

All receipts are delivered in your Corporate Design – by mail, post or for download in your customers’ self-service area.


Regardless of the underlying billing model, whether consumption-based, periodic or one-time.

All business processes

Including accruals for business processes such as terminations, cancellations or contract changes.

You concentrate on your core business, plenigo takes care of your invoices.

In the billing module of plenigo you can create your individual document templates. Your customers receive factually correct invoices or correction documents. The automated tax handling ensures correct invoicing worldwide, no matter which business model your invoice documents are based on.


Scale your subscription management with plenigo.

We are always happy to talk subscriptions and billing – and yes also taxes.

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