Access Management

Simple and secure control of access rights

Controlling access to digital content

The decentralisation of systems and the increasing use of mobile devices and cloud services make uncomplicated and centrally controllable access management increasingly important. The plenigo Access Management ensures that all persons and services are correctly authenticated and that your users can access authorised content.


Trust & Safety

plenigo ensures that only users authorized by you have access to your content and offers. For your users, plenigo ensures easy and uncomplicated access to your content.

Authentication & Authorization

plenigo controls the authentication of your users as variable as your application scenario requires. The authorization for access to specific content is defined solely by your strategy.

Simple access rights management

In plenigo, you and your customer service can easily set up, manage and control access rights. Say forever goodbye to confusing rights structures.

Access management – with our or your SSO

Access Management from plenigo enables you to integrate in the most diverse ways. You can use plenigo’s access rights control, coupled with the plenigo SSO and have all functions from a single source. You use an external SSO and an external access rights management? No problem, plenigo can be integrated into a wide range of system environments via the REST API.


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