WorldPay is a leading provider of credit card processing and merchant services for businesses of all sizes.

Worldpay supports more than 1,000,000 merchants worldwide and processes over 40 billion transactions annually. With more than 300 payment methods, Worldpay has the expertise needed to make intelligent payment acceptance decisions.

By working with Worldpay, our plenigo customers benefit from the ability to accept traditional and alternative payment methods anywhere, anytime, and through multiple channels.

Klarna is one of the world’s leading payment providers and a licensed bank that is fundamentally changing the payment experience for shoppers and merchants.

Klarna was founded in Stockholm in 2005 with a clear goal: To fundamentally change the payment experience for purchases and commerce. The company enables consumers to quickly, easily and securely settle outstanding payments immediately, later or in installments. Further, Klarna is committed to improving the overall shopping experience for customers while making online sales smoother than ever. Klarna works with over 200,000 merchants such as H&M, Spotify, MediaMarkt, Expedia, Adidas and Deutsche Bahn and currently employs over 3000 people in 17 countries.

With Klarna, we can offer our plenigo customers a flexible and convenient payment option that is ready to use in no time thanks to simple integration.

Articles, magazines, and other publications such as catalogues or sales materials: With Pressmatrix, customers digitize their content, increase reach, boost digital sales, and inspire with innovative formats and interaction options. PressMatrix supports content creators and media makers in developing digital concepts and implementing them along the entire content marketing life cycle.

E-paper is often an important component of publishers’ digital strategy. It is therefore obvious that e-paper offerings are part of the portfolio. The partnership between PressMatrix and plenigo has created a standard interface that publishers can use to turn their e-papers into building blocks of their paid content portfolio quickly and with little effort.

UpScore offers one of the most advanced solutions for measuring, analysing and managing digital content – for both free and premium/paid offerings.

Based on proprietary crawlers, a granular data model and real-time data access, all teams involved in the publishing value chain are provided with accurate and easy-to-understand data tools to optimise the content site’s usage and revenue:

The integration of plenigo with UpScore provides all the evidence-based data needed to analyse in detail the sale of paid content and subscriptions on your own site whilst controlling the performance of target-group-specific models and approaches. plenigo’s flexibility in designing and operating pay offers combined with the breadth and depth of UpScore’s Content Intelligence are the ideal tool-set to understand how sales and customer loyalty can be successfully reconciled with journalistic goals.

From a small private site to a group of sites for large corporations – Planetary Networks has the know-how and the infrastructure to host projects fail-safe. Planetary Networks offers solutions for almost every hosting task. From single domains to mail and backup solutions to DSL connections.

In addition, “Planetarymail” offers an Exchange alternative based on Zimbra – a comprehensive groupware for Mac, Win & Linux with strong support for mobile devices of all kinds.

And whether it’s hardware or software use, service or honest advice, Planetary Networks always aims to deliver the best quality.

At plenigo we appreciate the flexibility and professionalism of Planetary Networks. Projects in hosting that are realised and managed outside of the plenigo Core application, we often place in the trusted hands of Planetary Networks.

PaidTime is a new time-based platform for marketing digital content on your own website. PaidTime can be quickly and easily integrated with any content management system.

In combination with plenigo’s Subscription Management it becomes possible to segment anonymous users and convert them into profitable offers.

3Q is a reliable partner and specialist for streaming technology. The 3Q video platform and the streaming CDN are operated in accordance with European data protection guidelines.

In order to implement monetization strategies for moving image content as well, 3Q and plengio have entered into a technical partnership. Using the powerful API, 3Q streaming services and the plenigo Subscription Management can be set up with minimal effort. This makes it easy to implement and manage subscription models for video offerings as well as individual tickets for all types of live broadcasts.

doo develops digital solutions for professional participant management. Therefore, doo integrates guest management, e-mail marketing, event websites, registration, badging and admission on a digital platform. This enables organisers of business events to easily automate and personalise event processes.

doo supports event managers and marketing decision-makers in every phase of their events and actively helps them maintain control over all event and participant information. Central participant data enables a precise understanding of the participants’ interests and target group-oriented communication, which measurably increases the success of the event. All data and processes can be integrated into the company-wide system landscape.

Well-known companies, agencies and trade fairs such as Handelsblatt, DIE ZEIT, Süddeutscher Verlag, Verlag Werben & Verkaufen, KFW Bankengruppe or Messe Frankfurt rely on the innovative solutions and services of doo.

Events are now a frequent building block in publishers’ monetisation strategies, so a close partnership between doo and plenigo was an obvious choice. The combined sale of publication products and events as well as the processing within standardised order lines in a central customer pool make a fully integrated digital distribution possible.

Leading the way – not just playing along. Like so many things in our fast-moving times, payment is also constantly changing. Payone doesn’t just want to play along with this development, it wants to be at the forefront.

If you want to shape the future, you have to question the status quo: Can it be done faster? Easier? Better? Are our solutions inspiring? And if not, how can we improve them? Payone already offers its customers the services that will later become standard. And in doing so, gives them a real competitive advantage.

As part of the European payment market leader Worldline and a long-standing partner of the DSV Group (Deutscher Sparkassenverlag), Payone’s forward momentum is given additional tailwind. Payone not only has the will to shape the payment of the future, but also the innovative strength and solidity to make it happen.

In the cooperative partnership, Payone offers plenigo customers simple and secure management of digital payment channels as well as a wide range of payment services.

Businesses of all sizes – from startups to public companies – use Stripe to process online payments. Stripe combines a payments platform with applications that put revenue data at the center of business operations. In addition, Stripe is the world’s fastest growing developer platform, providing businesses with tools and technology to develop efficiently.

For all users, Stripe handles collaboration with financial institutions, regulators, payment networks, banks and consumer wallets. Millions of businesses in over 120 countries use Stripe to start, run and grow their businesses.

In the partnership cooperation, Stripe supports plenigo customers in the secure and transparent management of digital payment channels. The simple and fast integration as well as diverse online tools for daily operations are features of the integration of Stripe and plenigo.