Digital strategy and organization consulting GmbH helps companies to develop digital business models and establish them in their day-to-day operations. In this way, traditional companies also learn to harness the opportunities of digitalization for themselves. Part of the consulting service can be the establishment of independent digital business units that initially work outside the core organization but can later be re-integrated into it. Often, however, it is also possible to build on existing digital business, which can be realigned, reorganized and subsequently scaled with the help of

So far,’s consulting approach has been particularly popular in the retail, telecommunications and media sectors.

In the media sector, recently advised regional newspaper publishers on how to establish new digital products quickly and with high effectiveness, and how to open up new sales channels in order to expand the share of direct digital revenues. plenigo is often a central technical building block here for the realization of these strategies: with its open architecture, comprehensive portfolio of functions as well as a fair pricing model and low entry barriers, plenigo is an ideal partner for

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