Content intelligence for digital publishers

UpScore offers one of the most advanced solutions for measuring, analysing and managing digital content – for both free and premium/paid offerings.

Based on proprietary crawlers, a granular data model and real-time data access, all teams involved in the publishing value chain are provided with accurate and easy-to-understand data tools to optimise the content site’s usage and revenue:

  • Live Statistics:
    Identifying usage trends and opportunities early in the process.
  • Position Score & On-screen-display:
    Always optimising the offer on the home page.
  • Content Score:
    Defining the own quality index for premium and free content.
  • Recommendations:
    Automatically displayed marketing teasers and content modules configured according to individual specifications.
  • Content Analytics:
    All details about individual posts, sections and the entire site.

The integration of plenigo with UpScore provides all the evidence-based data needed to analyse in detail the sale of paid content and subscriptions on your own site whilst controlling the performance of target-group-specific models and approaches. plenigo’s flexibility in designing and operating pay offers combined with the breadth and depth of UpScore’s Content Intelligence are the ideal tool-set to understand how sales and customer loyalty can be successfully reconciled with journalistic goals.

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