The best payment. With security. For everyone.

Leading the way – not just playing along. Like so many things in our fast-moving times, payment is also constantly changing. Payone doesn’t just want to play along with this development, it wants to be at the forefront.

If you want to shape the future, you have to question the status quo: Can it be done faster? Easier? Better? Are our solutions inspiring? And if not, how can we improve them? Payone already offers its customers the services that will later become standard. And in doing so, gives them a real competitive advantage.

As part of the European payment market leader Worldline and a long-standing partner of the DSV Group (Deutscher Sparkassenverlag), Payone’s forward momentum is given additional tailwind. Payone not only has the will to shape the payment of the future, but also the innovative strength and solidity to make it happen.

In the cooperative partnership, Payone offers plenigo customers simple and secure management of digital payment channels as well as a wide range of payment services.

Partner overview