plenigo advisory board

Our experienced council

Project Manager Exaring AG

Jan Ulbrich

For more than two decades, Jan Ulbrich has gathered a vast expertise in developing the IT and software structure for media companies. After working for TOMORROW FOCUS, Holtzbrinck Digital and ProSieben Sat.1 Digital, Jan Ulbrich is currently project manager at Exaring AG which may illustrate the broad range of his technical expertise in the most diverse types of media. He is a valued contact person for the plenigo team.

“I have gladly observed and accompanied the development of the plenigo team. Their technical expertise is outstanding. In fact, during my time in the various media houses, I would have loved to be able to use a product like the plenigo offer.”

Nussbaumer Beteiligungs GmbH

Max Nussbaumer

Max Nussbaumer’s vast experience as a manager, entrepreneur, advisor and angel investor is invaluable. He holds a diploma of the university of Cologne and an MBA of the London Business School. Before establishing his own IT strategy consulting firm, he was managing director at GE CompuNet. In 2010 his consultancy company was sold to a listed IT service provider. Max splits his time between Hamburg and Chicago. Max’ experience with corporate finance, IT and business strategy make him a valued mentor for the plenigo team.

“plenigo has achieved significant success with major clients and partners – in German speaking markets and even in the United States. plenigo’s passionate start-up spirit has enabled it to constantly evolve and improve its software. This mindset allows it to successfully compete with international players and to offer uncomplicated and flexible solutions to its target segment of publishing companies. Customers are enabled to scale their subscription business and innovate.”